Warren Coates - Avinit Tattoo

Warren Coates

In 1994 after completing a tattooing apprenticeship in Kensington Market I found a job working alongside Graham Hodgeson.

I went on to travel in India and worked in a private studio in Goa. Tattooing, art, music, travelling and subculture has been my life and I feel blessed that my hobby, job and career has allowed me to fulfil all of my passions.

My influences come from life in general and I get inspiration from my travels which have connected me to my spiritual path.

I love to do one off freehand custom tattoos of tribal South Sea Island or Japanese patterns. My future projects will include my passion for North American Indian and Geometric art.

I am passionate in what I do and hope to work with passionate customers who care as much as I do about a quality, long lasting crisp and bright tattoos.