Alex Killington - Avinit Tattoo Studio

Alex Killington

Whilst at school, I studied GCSE and A level graphic art and fine art. I spent most lessons trying to work traditional flash designs into the mundane assignments we were generally given and enjoyed experimenting with americano designs and acrylic paint canvas designs. I knew then that I wanted to pursue a career as an artist.

I started tattooing full time in 2011 and now specialise in black and grey realism. My work is inspired by classic religious paintings and mixed with a hint of Chicano art. I love combining animals and faces with floral patterns or landscape scenes with intricate detail.

I’ve learnt over time that it is key to understand the logic and reasoning behind a persons tattoo idea, and in doing so I can produce something original and bespoke each time. I’m a perfectionist, looking to continually enhance my skills and find designs that I can be passionate about.